A wife beater will not change – Mercy Aigbe

Actress, filmmaker and entrepreneur, Mercy Aigbe, is of the opinion that once a man raises his hand to beat a woman, he will repeat it.

The mum of two said marriage is overrated. Mercy, who got separated from her husband, Lanre Gentry, in 2018, amidst allegations of domestic violence, said mothers usually brought up women to take whatever their partners did to them, all because they wanted to stay married.

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Speaking via her YouTube channel, Aigbe recounted her marital experience on her. She said,

“Our mothers brought us up, as women, to take whatever our partners do to us.”

“They tell us to take it because we want to remain in a man’s house. To me, it is not an achievement. Let’s just say as it is– marriage is overrated. It takes two people to make it work; it’s not just about the women.

But, everybody keeps heaping all the responsibilities on the woman. That shouldn’t be.”celebrity) mean I don’t want to have a happy home?

They say actresses are promiscuous but promiscuity is not (the exclusive preserve of) any profession.

When mine (break-up) happened, it wasn’t easy because I am a celebrity. I read a lot of things online. Some people even said I made it up. But, nobody can dictate to me how to live my life.”

The actress also noted that religion doesn’t encourage women to speak up when they are assaulted by their husbands.

Mercy added:

“I have been through domestic violence and I came out strong. I would love to see the end of domestic violence in society. It wasn’t easy for me because society always shames one.

Everybody believes if one is experiencing domestic violence, one has to be patient as a woman and take it all to remain in one’s husband’s house. A lot of people have lost their lives as a result of domestic violence. And religion is not helping.

An assaulted woman could go to her pastor and the cleric would say, ‘Oh madam, you need to keep praying’. Is it until she loses her life?”

The actress recently released a movie titled, Victims, which has domestic violence as its theme.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eRqu3by6yOg]


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