Ace Comedian, Ali Baba Calls Out Actresses With Questionable Sources Of Wealth

Popular Nigerian comedian, Ali Baba, has taken a hit at Nollywood actresses who flaunt unexplained wealth.

The funnyman put out a video where he lambasted some unnamed individuals he had personal experiences with.

Ali Baba said many actresses might not be able to afford flight tickets, yet post luxury lifestyles on Instagram.

He said top female film stars might earn as much as N5 million per film but don’t act enough times in a year to be able to afford the kind of life they flaunt on social media.

“You’re an actor or an actress. How many movies have you done that gave you N45 million to buy a house? You that just joined the industry? Those who have been in the industry and have been struggling since did not buy,” he said.

“I may be tempted to mention names but I will not. We went to Dubai one time. While we were waiting, I see this actress coming in. I see the protocol officer of a particular person and greeted them.

“They greeted me and everything. Then the person came and said, ‘here is your key.’ They gave her the keys and she went upstairs. Two days later, I see her posting such captions as ‘lounging in Dubai’. Can you buy your ticket?”

Ali Baba also clarified that some other actresses get themselves involved in side businesses and can justify their wealth.

He, however, argued that there are those who just had their acting debut, yet post pictures to claim they acquired properties that cost as much as N125 million.

“The ones that do business and make money, we know them. They come here and be putting girls on the high jump. Even if you act in every movie and they pay you N5 million each, how many do you do in a year?” Ali Baba asked.

“See, let me say this. We know the ones that use their milage and popularity and do business. That is different.

“Those ones do other businesses. They’re selling clothes. They travel and buy things, then come here and sell.

“They have businesses they run on the side, selling oil and even hair. But the ones that you know can’t even act in an English movie will now tell us they raised N125 million to buy one house in Lekki Phase 1.”

In July 2021, Linda Osifo, an actress, argued that women in the movie industry do better than their male counterparts because they have more opportunities to make money.

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