Bobrisky – I Used Pure Water As Breast, The Day I Was Arrested

Nigerian cross dresser, Idris Okunneye popularly known as Bobrisky has revealed what led to his arrest, and the concept behind his nickname “BOBRISKY”.

Born as a male child in 1992 at Ebute Meta, Lagos, Nigeria, to Mr and Mrs Okunneye; Idris Olanrewaju has carved a niche for himself on social media. He became a snapchat sensation and the most controversial cross dresser in Nigeria, where there exist no LGBT right.

Bobrisky - I Used Pure Water As Breast, The Day I Was Arrested (Video)

Now known as a woman, Idris shares her experience with Adesuwa in a chat, where she explained how she coined the name ‘Bobrisky’, whilst also hinting viewers what she termed ‘bad experience’ as first timer cross dresser.

The accounting graduate from University of Lagos, revealed that he was born into a polygamous family, in which he is the ninth and the last child of the family.

How I Coin The Name “Bobrisky”

Explaining how the nickname ‘Bobrisky’ came to be, Olanrewaju said, it is a fusion of his childhood nickname, and the aspiration to be successful in life by taking risk. In Bobrisky’s words:

“They call me Bobo. When i started growing up, and i got to this stage, i felt, I’m Bobo, and i think i ‘m one risky type, I ‘m risky. Because, if you don’t risk things in life, you can never get there; you have to risk everything in life to get there.

Because if you keep trying and you are falling, and you choose to stop because you are falling, you will just be left by the roadside. But if you keep risking it, fortunately it might work out at a point. So, I felt i ‘m risky and i ‘m Bobo, lets just Bobrisky.”

How I Was Arrested For Using Pure Water As Breast

The ‘Ojuloge Obinrin’ actor also recounted her ordeal the first day he dressed like a woman. Bobrisky said it was a contest between him and his two friends who dare him to dress like a female and walk the street.

Idris accepted the challenge, dressed up like a female and walk down the street. According to the snapchat sensation, it was a bad experience for him because he was eventually arrested by the Police, following a complain from a male admirer, who discovered he used pure water as breast.

Bobrisky - I Used Pure Water As Breast, The Day I Was Arrested (Video)

In Olanrewaju’s words: “…I wore a cream coloured satin female dress, i have to put pure water to give me shape (a female figure), to put the shape that i want. So as i was walking, i haven’t even got to the road, then i saw one man, the man packed, and he said (“hey pretty girl”). I was like, yee mo gbe, pretty girl bawo (speaking in English and Yoruba).”

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According to Bobrisky, the man invited him into his car, thinking he is a female, but Idris was reluctant, which prompted the man to ask his younger sister to check out Bobrisky, if truly he is a female. Upon confirmation, the man alerted the police and Bobrisky was arrested.

There are several reports on the internet barbie possible plastic surgery to enhance his b**b, but the transgender woman is yet to give a definite information regarding that.

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