Burnaboy Bashed By Aisha Yesufu Over Funke Akindele’s Conviction

Damini Ogulu, a Nigerian singer, popularly known as Burnaboy has been berated by Aisha Yesufu, an activist popular with #Bringbackourgirls.

Aisha faulted Burnaboy over his comments on Funke Akindele’s conviction, where he said Nigerians deserve whatever is happening to the citing the case of burnt accountant general’s office in Abuja, and the they will suffer, if they do not utilize the same energy in calling out Funke, to call out their government officials.

Funke Akindele hosted a house party of more than twenty people, to celebrate her husband’s fiftieth birthday, an act which violated the social gathering regulations, 2020.

She was arrested, arraigned before a magistrate court in Lagos, and was found guilty alongside her husband, JJC Skillz, thereafter the brands associated with her disown her immediately.

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Reacting to the verdict on Funke, Burnaboy took to his social media page to share a video where he castigated action of Nigerians youth that led to Funke Akindele’s arrest.

Burnaboy said in the video that, Nigerians deserve everything happening to them, and will suffer if they failed to call out their government officials who embezzle funds meant for the public.

The ‘Ye’ crooner cited the case of the burnt office of the Accountant General of The Federation on Wednesday, linking it to possible financial misappropriation. He concluded that Nigerians will suffer.

Responding to Burnaboy’s comment, the Bring Back Our Girls activist, advised Burnaboy to not think he has arrived, and the numbers can be deceiving. She explained also that, the fact that someone is a celebrity does not mean, such a person shouldn’t be punished for wrongdoings.

She said all Nigerians are suffering, so long you power your house with generator or you have to dig a borehole to source for water, everybody is suffering. She advised the singer to focus on singing.

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Aisha who expressed herself in pidgin English said, “Naija people we don suffer, so na celebrity go tell us say we go suffer.”

She then asked rhetorically, “do you think you are better than any of us?” She goes ahead to advise Ogulu to not allow those numbers deceive him.

In her words, “first of all don’t let those numbers deceive you, divide the numbers by 360 or 490, then you will humble yourself.” Those who have real money don’t talk, it is the money that talk, many have arrived before you.”

Aisha also made Burnaboy to understand that Funke Akindele’s series, titled ‘Jenifa’ enjoys supports from Nigerians, the reason she is successful.

She concluded by saying, if the African giant artiste thought he has arrived because of the properties, he has, he should remember, everyone still reside in Nigeria, “let me tell you something, na poverty all of us dey, no be Naija, dem go carry light, you must put on generator, na poverty be that. You get borehole for house, no running water, na poverty be that”, Aisha added.

Watch Both Aisha And Burnaboys Comments Below:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=etENPGd_fDI]



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