Cardi B To Donate Revenue From Coronavirus Song

American rapper, Belcalis Almanzar, known professionally as Cardi B has promised to donate proceeds from her coronavirus song.

The Grammy awards winner is ready to provide succor for those that are, or would be financially affected by the scourge of Coronavirus.

Cardi B is sure known for being outspoken on social media and she’s been no less so about the covid-19 outbreak.

On March 10 Cardi posted an expletive-laden video on her verified Instagram account.

Cardi B

“Coronavirus,” she said animatedly. “S**t is getting real!”

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DJ iMarkkeyz incorporated that line into a fire beat and the world was gifted with the “Coronavirus” single which soon hit iTunes and became a favorite for TikTok users to dance to.”The fact this damn corona virus song is charting on iTunes ….Hold on ..let me hit the Dj up and Atlantic (the record label) so I can’t get my damn coins,” she wrote on the caption of an Instagram picture showing the song charting.”

" src="" alt="Cardi B" width="300" height="141" />After a Twitter user suggested that Cardi B and DJ iMarkkeyz might want to consider donating the royalties to those in need because of the pandemic’s economic impact, the DJ responded by tweeting “That was my goal.”

Cardi B co-signed that idea.

“YES !THATS WHAT WE GOING TO DO !,” the Grammy winner tweeted. “Keep in mind you don’t get your money right away …but even months from now there would be families with financial issues for getting laid off due to the virus .We will Donate.

Born and raised in The Bronx, she first attracted attention for discussing her career as a stripper on social media; coupled with her “no filter attitude”, she became an Internet celebrity through Instagram.

Coronavirus has been a global pandemic affecting businesses, peoples health and causing serious economy disruptions. Government agencies, private organisations, religious activities are being restricted and lots of people are out of job.

Donald Trump on Wednesday promised to give free money to those out of job as a consequence of the coronavirus outbreak.


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