Following the conviction of Funke Akindele and her husband, Abdul-Rasheed Bello aka JJC Skillz for Flouting Social Distancing Order Celebrities have been showing empathy for the jenifa’s diary actress.

Funke and JJC were found guilty, fine N100,000 with 14 days community service and thereafter to be isolated in a place to be determined by the state government.

In a solidarity mood, fellow celebrities have taken to social media to empathize with the couple.

Some of the the messages are as below:

Omoni Oboli who shared her photo with Funke simply said, “we live and we learn.”

Dakorea in empathy message quote Romans 3:23 while appealing to the government to temper justice with mercy. She wrote: “Awon Temi. Stay strong, this too shall pass.”

“Everyone pls let’s kindly temper justice with mercy, all have sinned and fallen short of God’s glory…I believe my sister @funkejenifaakindele and her husband @jjcskillz and indeed all of us have learned a valuable lesson and serves as a reminder to us all to continue to do the needful to ensure we come out of this Covid-19 experience as better humans all round.

“I’ve been informed that they have been sentenced to community service of 14days to sensitize the public about social distancing and other health and safety procedures and 100,000 naira fine which I believe is fair considering the gravity of the situation.”

” This is a step in the right direction. We are all under the law and there should be no exemptions.”

God help us all to learn and grow!

Let’s remember life na turn by turn when you’re in your own hot seat I pray you’ll also find someone to stand up for you!!!”

Mercy Aigbe also plead on behalf of the couple, while showing them love. She said, “To err is human. Please we are pleading on her behalf.” Sending you lots of love, lights, es at this Period.”

AY Comedian via his twitter handle wrote, *yes nobody is above the law. But i wish those of you who called out Funke Akindele can do the same with your countless oppressors in government.” He then shared word of encouragement for the duo, “even when the sky is filled with clouds, the Sun still shines above. Funke will rise again.”

Another Nollywood actor, Bolanle Ninalowo simply wrote, “You will overcome Funke Akindele.”

Àdùnní Ade also voiced her empathy message in lengthy explanation of Funke’s apology. She also called for the prosecution of politicians, Pastor who had attended events during the lockdown period. Àdùnní would be pleased that all media personalities at the court during arraignment of Funke and her husband be quarantine for not practicing social distancing. She wrote, “If you really do not understand the video she put up then you definitely need help comprehending.

She is an extremely careful person and does all she can to to be a Law abiding citizen of this country.

She has the same set of people around her, living with her.

Same people who have been around her before the lock down. she chose to celebrate her husband with her family who have been in the house with her all along.

I wish I could say much but damn, this is totally unfair.

I hope you are happy whoever you are, wherever you are with this.

No one is above the law but these folks have been with her for well over 2 weeks.

We read and watch videos all over social media of folks attending weddings, funeral, churches and the cops shutting it down, some form of harassment Or even preaching to them to stop church for now but never for once an arrest.

I just saw the disgusting video of her in court and folks all around her, did y’all forget social distancing?

The same reason she’s been arrested. No mask ?

No gloves, nothing and she’s been arrested????

This is some Bull!
Something ain’t adding up! I pray for you Sis! I pray for the twins.”


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