Chiwetalu Agu – What Buhari Is Doing Is ‘Rulership’ Not Leadership

Ace Nigerian actor, Chiwetalu Agu, is not pleased with the situation of things in Nigeria, hence, has described President Muhammadu Buhari as a ‘Ruler’ rather than a Leader.

Agu whilst lamenting that corruption had continued to thrive in the country, despite the promise made by President Muhammadu Buhari to tackle the challenge head-on if he was elected, asserted that he’s lost hope in the present administration.

He said, “Buhari said that he would come and fight corruption to the finish, to put corruption in a very dire situation. But when he came, money began to exchange hands.

“Everything has gone gaga. Integrity no longer counts. I have lost hope in the (current) administration. As a matter of fact, what Buhari is doing is not leadership; it is ‘rulership’.”

The sixty-six-year-old Enugu-born actor also said money plays a big role in the endorsement of politicians vying for elective offices by Nigerian celebrities.

The actor expressed displeasure over what he described as the lack of integrity and morality by some entertainers whom he said allowed money to sway their opinions.

Agu said, “I am not in that family (of actors). It (endorsement) depends on personal interest because politics is no longer the profession of sanitized citizens.

“These days, a lot of things have to do with money. Money can sway people. People are not patient again.  What they count is what money does for them today, not tomorrow.

“Nobody is patient because things are hard. Integrity, morality, and conscience have disappeared. What we are doing in Nigeria today puts me off.”

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