Coronavirus Fear: Mikel Arteta Urges Fans To Stay At Home

Having gone through what he describes as a difficult few days, suffering symptoms including a temperature, dry cough and chest discomfort, Arteta admitted catching the illness brought about “fear” of having spread it.

The Arsenal manager, Arteta has therefore urged fans to follow the club’s example by staying at home. In his words:

“Please to everybody, we are a little bit behind other countries, for example Spain, where I know the situation they are living at the moment.

While we are having the opportunity a little bit to minimize the risk, I encourage everybody please to be responsible and stay at home as much as possible.”

“That is all we can do from our position, we don’t have the ability to help others in other circumstances, so please at least stay at home and do what is required.

“We have to try to help the NHS as much as possible and we have to give the opportunity to the elderly people who needs this more than anybody else to get the treatment they require. We have to slow the process down and the virus down, so please stay at home.”

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