Corruption Virus or Coronavirus: Why Magu Insist Covid-19 Is Caused By Corruption (Video)

The acting chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission Ibrahim Magu has insisted that the deadly novel coronavirus which has killed about 2, 700 people globally was caused by corruption.

Speaking on why he’s insisting that corruption is the cause of the endemic disease, the EFCC boss said and we quote:

“The coronavirus is a product of a corrupt mind,” Magu said in a new video. “Somebody deliberately sat down in the lab and came up with the virus with the view to infect and destroy other people.”

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“So, who else is corrupt than that? So, it is created by a corrupt mind. So, I still insist that coronavirus was caused by corruption.”

The EFCC boss had issue differentiating between what Covid-19 is really called as he continuously pronounced the endemic virus as “corruption virus” until he was corrected by the host of the TV program.


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