Coronavirus: Major Public Events Ban As Switzerland Adopts Drastic Measures

In order to curb the fast spreading covid-19, Switzerland has banned all “public and private” events involving over 1,000 people.

The Swiss government announced this on Friday and will come into effect immediately, lasting until at least 15 March.


The Swiss authorities said the decision was taken “in view of the current situation and the spread of the covid-19.”

In a statement obtained by CityNews: “The Federal Council is aware that this measure will have a significant impact on public life in Switzerland. However, the move is expected to provide effective protection to people in Switzerland and to public health.

“It should prevent or delay the spread of the disease in Switzerland, thus reducing its momentum.”

The announcement comes as the number of confirmed cases in Switzerland rises to 15, just days after it confirmed its first case on Tuesday.

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The annual Geneva International Motor Show will be affected. The event is due to take place from 5 March till 15 March.


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