Damaged 3rd Mainland Bridge – Developer Begins Repairs

Following CityNews report on willful damages to 3rd Mainland Bridge, at the Ilubirin exit, Lagos,  the developer has moved to make amends.

Early Thursday morning, workers were seen reinstating ducting on the parapet in preparation for casting. Form-work was also put in place.

at the Ilubirin exit, Lagos,

In a statement, lawyers to the developer said: “Following the directives of the Ministry of Works and Housing, the Developer of the Ilubirin project has commenced the repairs of the damaged parapet along the Ilubirin/Simpson section of the Third Mainland Bridge.

“You would recollect that the Ministry officials had raised eyebrows at the activities of the Developer on that section of the road in the course of the Developer’s construction of the access road to the housing project which it seeks to connect into the main road.

“The Developer is presently engaging with the Ministry of Works & Housing towards resolving the grey areas but in the meantime has commenced the restoration of the parapet in deference to the officials of the Ministry.”

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hlFBar9tUio]


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