David Beckham Wants Cristiano Ronaldo To Remain At Manchester United

David Beckham has urged Cristiano Ronaldo not to leave Manchester United this summer.

The former Red Devils star made this known in a chat with Sky Sports, where he said that the Portuguese international still has a lot to contribute to the team.

With a new manager, Erik ten Hag coming this summer, Ronaldo could leave the club despite having a year left on his contract.

“Obviously, Cristiano is one of the best players over the last 15 years with Leo [Messi]. To see him hopefully staying on at United is important for the fans and important for him. We know how much United means to him.

“And he is still doing what he does best. Scoring goals and creating, that’s what Cristiano does.

“Even at his age to be doing what he is doing is incredible. Hopefully, it continues and hopefully, he stays for another year or two.”

Cristiano Ronaldo As He Rekindles Memory Of Manchester United Old Glory Days It was another headline-grabbing goal from Ronaldo,

Manchester United are stumbling towards the end of the campaign under interim boss Ralf Rangnick, losing three out of their last five matches, including Saturday’s 4-0 thrashing by Brighton.

“There’s changes to be made and changes that are happening,” said Beckham, who made 394 appearances for the club between 1992 and 2003.

“It’s a tough end to the season, but it is the end of the season and I’m sure a lot of the fans are thankful of that because it’s been a tough one full of ups downs.

“The players have done what they can do best and so has the manager as well. But you still turn up at the stadium. I was there a few months back and every seat was filled.

“The fans still believe and still support and will always turn up for the team, because that’s what United fans do.

“There’s not many teams that have gone through what United has the last few years and still selling out their stadium. So it says a lot about the fans and what they believe in.”

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