Destalker Berates Lagos Government Over Okada Ban

Nigerian comedian, professionally known as Destalker has lashed at Lagos state government over the ban of Okada (Motorcycle) and keke (Tricycle).

The spontaneous comedian is of the opinion that the ban of both Okada and Keke has done more harms than good.

Lamenting the pains commuters have been, and are going through, Destalker who speak with CityBuzz in pidgin said and we quote:

“I am not in support of banning Okada and Keke. You won’t because of an injury amputate your leg. I think the ban of Okada, Keke has done more harm for Lagosians.”

Clarifying the set of people the ban affected, Destaker said as here quoted: “This is not because you are rich, you are poor or you are average. The ban affect the rich, the poor and the average.”

He continue to highlight how the ban has affected peoples’ mobility thus:

The trekking these days, now there are places motorcycle don’t even go, but you can trek to where motorcycle ply. But after the ban they are not even available.” “Even my tinted car is been mistaken for cabs.” So, I want to appeal to those who promulgated this law, (some people will be saying Sanwo-Olu, Sanwo-Olu, but he is not the only one, such a bill went through a process involving group of people), this will do more harm than envisage because, idles mind, is the devils workshop. Lots of the riders feed their families, train their children and other dependents, banning them is joblessness.

Watch Video Below:



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