Donald Trump – Why I Call Coronavirus ‘Chinese Virus

The United States of American president, Donald Trump has been referring to Covid-19 has chinese virus.The controversial president who opened a tirade on a journalist on Friday night, inisist global pandemic is a China disease.

During a press briefing, where Trump was taking questions from the press, he was asked, why he keep calling the virus, a ‘Chinese Virus”.

Trump, without mincing words, insisted that the virus emanated from China, so, it is a Chinese virus. He goes to say that, the Chinese never denied the source of the virus.

Donald Trump, also used the term Chinese virus, in defense of the United States military. According to the US president, China tries to say that the virus is caused by US Army. In Trump’s words:

“…But as you kno, China try to say at one point (may be they ‘ve stopped now)that it was caused by American Soldiers. That can happen, it’s not going ti happen. Not as long as i’m president, it come from China.”

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American 45th president said, there’s no question about the fact that covid-19 comes from China. He said, he need not to think about it. In his words:

“No think, no, no. I don’t think, I know who, where it came from. I don’t know if you ‘d say China is to blame. Certainly, we didn’t get an early run on it. It would have been helpful, if we know about it earlier. But it comes from China, and its no a question about that.”

The relationship between Chinese and America hasn’t been cordial since Trump became president.

When asked, whether China should be punished for inflicting such a disease on American citizen, Trump said “we would see what happen.”

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