Don’t Go About Chasing Shadows or Money – Anita Joseph

dA7m8vDO1M">Actress, Anita Joseph, who has joined the growing list of celebrities off the singles’ market has advised single ladies to be patient and stop chasing shadows.

The voluptuous actress in a chat said and we quote:

Even though I had many male admirers who were ready to do anything to have me, I stayed with him because I’m a one-man woman and he makes me happy.

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“He gave me everything I wanted in a man. I don’t care about any other person; I just “Don’t go about chasing shadows or money.”

“If you keep waiting for a wealthy man, he may not come around.  The billionaire may not even be who God wants you to be with. God may want you to start afresh with a man that you can grow with.”



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