Hilda Dokubo Call Out Actors Guild Of Nigeria Over Senator Elisha Abbo

Veteran Nollywood Actress, Hilda Dokubo has Call Out Actors Guild of Nigerian over Senator ">Elisha Abbo’s inclusion in the guild’s patrons’ list.

Nollygistv recall that the Adamawa North Senatorial district senator, was caught on camera slapping a pregnant woman in an adult toy shop.

Hilda Believes such a man has no worthy reputation to qualify him a patron of an organisation with the responsibility to educate, entertain and motivate into positive action.

Indeed Kama will always catch up on ones previous deeds, be it good or bad, no matter how long it takes. In June 2019 a senator was caught on camera slapping a pregnant woman in an adult s*x toy shop.

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The woman who happens to be the owner of the shop was physically assaulted by the senator, who represents Adamawa North senatorial district. The senator, Elisha Abbo was arraigned in court, summoned by senate panel to investigate the issue, and he tendered an apology and life returns to normal.

Hilda Dokubo Call Out Actors Guild Of Nigeria Over Senator Elisha Abbo

However, he may have bought or negotiated justice, but for some Nigerians Elisha Abbo will never have a place in their good book. Such people include, veteran Nollywood actress, Hilda Dokubo.

Hilder Dokubo is a youth advocate, once a special adviser to Peter Odili of Rivers state on youth affairs.

Hilda brought her presentation skills to bear while trying to drive home a point. According to the actress, it was the Actors Guild of Nigeria investiture on patrons and the unveiling of the Guild’s dream secretariat. Hilder, while flipping through the pages of pamphlet containing the names of enlisted patrons, was shocked to find Elisha Abbo’s name on the list.

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The Kunle Afolayan’s ‘CEO’ star actress was disappointed to have found the indicted senator’s name on the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) patron list. Of a truth, many women would agree with the ‘Above Death” actress, given what the youngest senator did to the Abuja store owner. (See video below)

Hilda Dokubo Call Out Actors Guild Of Nigeria Over Senator Elisha Abbo

The Niger Delta born actress took to social media to express her anger over the inclusion Abbo in the patrons’ list. She also call on other actors to support her in ensuring that the senator’s name finds its way out of the list.

Hilda believes a person like Abbo shouldn’t have made the list in the first place, as she rhetorically asked what on earth could Abbo offers the Guild? In Dokubo’s words:

“When you appoint a patron, it is because the the patron has something to pay or leverage on. It can be financial gain, moral gain or in a case of guild, brand gain.”

“Who remembers that senator from Adamawa state, the one that was found in a s*x toy shop, where he slapped the owner of the shop and was threatening her with his police officer.”

“And was ranting, you remember the one where people had to go on social media to call for justice. Yes, that one! Before he got arrested and he was sue to court, then he came up with a pseudo-apology, where he was miming, apologizing, because no one ever apologize from a sheet of paper. Yes, that one! Senator Elisha Abbo, Yes.”

Ok, So, this lats week, the Actors Guild of Nigerian have an investiture of patrons and the unveiling of our dream secretariat. And i was going through the pictures and videos and i saw this sore thumbs kicking up on the lines of patrons…. how did we get there?”

“How did he get on the line of patrons. This man has irritating reputation i can think off. No character what so ever, is it money that we want, who was he before he became a senator? We want him to give us money that he cannot explain how he got.”

“How did he get on the line of been a patron to an organisation that has people like me? I mean that is not just possible, we can not have an abuser of woman as a patron of actor guild of Nigeria.”

“Having Abbo on that list make a mess of all other honourable people on that list.

Hilder Call Out The Leaders of Actors Guild of Nigeria to get him off the list:

“However, he got on that line, get him out, of that list. He does not qualify to be a patron of an organisation of people with the responsibilities to educate, motivate entertain, into positive action, get him out,” she added.

She however call on other members to stand up and reject senator Elisha Abbo, and promised never to tolerate an abuser of women serve as a patron in an organisation she belongs.

Hilder Dokubo has featured in several Nollywood movies such as: Stigma, In God We Trust, Beyond Power, Slave Boy, Up-North, Kunle Afolayan’s “The CEO” and many more.

Hilda is a sibling to an ex-militant and social commentator, Asari Dokubo. Although they are siblings (Hilda and Asari), are two different individuals.

The “Ufoma the Peacemaker” producer, Hilda Dokubo Mrakpo is an entrepreneur, a TV personality, a wife, a mother and veteran advocate.

Senator Elisha Abbo raised a lot of eyebrows during the incident in which he was captured at Abuja adult toy store. He question Oluremi Tinubu and other senate panel members who were appointed to investigate his action.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vN0OkOQgTW4]


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