Hyundai Kona Electric Car Set For Nigeria Market

Ten global car brands have announced their intention to introduce Hyundai Kona Electric Car to Nigeria market.

Stallion Motors, an auto assembler and franchisee of nine global brands including Hyundai, are involved in the plans to introduce electric sport utility vehicle into Nigeria’s automobile market before the end of this year.

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The company’s Vice Chairman, Mr Haresh Vaswani, reveals the plan to officially introduce to Nigeria’s market, Hyundai Kona, an electric car, which he noted had been adjudged by European motoring journalists as world’s number one.

Hyundai Kona Electric Car Set For Nigeria Market
Hyundai Kona Electric Car Set For Nigeria Market

Vaswani said well-meaning and concerned people globally were urgently making moves to save the planet by using electric cars.

He said, “After operating successfully in Nigeria for over five decades, the least our company could give back to the country and, by extension, the world is to be a leading pilot in steering the nation to the direction of clean energy use and reduction of emission.

“Not being dissuaded by the nation’s infrastructural

challenges, one of our plans for this year is to introduce into the country electric vehicle and, in no distant future, embark on attitude-change campaign for a clean environment in conjugation with Hyundai.”

Describing the Kona as versatile and powerful, he said it would be the first all-electric SUV in Nigeria.

Hyundai Kona Electric car set for Nigerian marketHe added that its power-packed performance would provide a thrilling driving experience with high acceleration over long distances.

According to Vaswani, the driving range for Kona is 482 kilometres with an acceleration of 0 to 100km in 9.7 seconds.

He said, “The ease of charging is unmatched; one can even plug it in at home or at work and charge it for 9.35 hours for a full battery capacity. Hyundai Kona comes with five years of battery warranty and five years of vehicle warranty.

“Kona will change the way people think about going electric. It will make history as the first EV in Nigeria with local manufacturing.”


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