Iyabo Ojo Struggles With Coronavirus, Calls For New Nigeria

Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo had difficulties pronouncing the global pandemic, either as Covid-19 or Coronavirus.

The business women cum actress in a two parts video shared on her IG page on Tuesday, touched on a number of issues that Nigeria needs to address.

She narrated the fears nurse by her employees and other Nigerians with worst cases of finances, on how they will survive the 14-days curfew.

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Iyabo ojo highligetd issues relating to lack of database, infrastructural inadequacies, poor welfare schemes for government employees, training and retraining, inconsistent power supply and the work environments of many government owned hospitals and police stations.

The CEO then called for a new Nigeria, where everything would start afresh.

In her concluding remarks, the mother of two was captured struggling with the pronunciation of the global pandemic.

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The pandemic which is spelt as Covid-19 or Coronavirus was severally pronounced by the actress as “Covic-19” “Codic-19” and “Coloriavirus”.

In Iyabo Ojo’s words:

“All my staff were so sad, they kept complaining how they would survive during the 14-days.”

“I promised to pay them full salaries, they were happy but i was sad.”

“On my way back i saw a lot people on the whom are not practicing social distancing.

The bottom line is we do not have a system; we don’t have system that works. I want to beg the government, that we need to start practicing a system that would work for us. We need to start all over again.”

” This is not the time to blame anybody, i m not here to blame government or anybody, i m just here to throw my opinion and beg, can we start all over gain? Can we forget about the independent that we celebrate that we are giant of Africa, we are not. We need to start all over again.”

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She advised that Nigeria needs to have database starting from April, 2020, in her words:

” We need to have database, may be, we start from next month every child that is born should have automatic passport, have a database, we need to start proper counting.”

Lagos state should be responsible for Lagos state, every state should be responsible for their citizens.

https://diamondfountainmedia.com/fg-commences-cash-transfer-to-nigerians-minister-of-humanitarian-affairs, Spiritual Battles In Nollywood, You Can Never Be Prepared - Iyabo Ojo
Spiritual Battles In Nollywood, You Can Never Be Prepared – Iyabo Ojo

We need to have something that would work for us, something that would give back to the society, their is hunger in the land o o; a lot of people out there are suffering.”

“We need to have child support, let every mother that give birth, let that child be registered, have a database. Lets just start from that, let that child have something that he or she benefits from the government: free medication, free education.”

“Let the ones that are done with secondary school and want to further have access to student loan. Let kids or people with special needs, the ones we call disable, let them have special loan, let their parents have access to certain amount of money. Let their parent have access to special loan to cater for these kids, with special needs.”

” I don’t know if what i ‘m saying make any sense, or if i ‘m saying it right. But let us start all over again because each time we hold on to the past, as long as we keep blaming the past and the present government, we are not going to move forward.”

“Lets us start all over again. Let us have a plan that would work, let every state have their own plan that would work for them. And we can’t have these plans without good structures and good infrastructure in place. Good hospitals, though we have government hospitals, but its an eyesore.”

“We are dirty as a nation, we are dirty, you go to all the government places, around it is so dirty.”

The mother of two however suggested that parts of the donations received for fight against covid-19 should be used to build better hospitals, government should also improve welfare package of its staff, equip schools and Police stations.

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She also take a swipe at those calling for the ban of power generating set in Nigeria, adding that, that would make people in power appreciate how essential constant power is.

In Ojo’s words, “All these billions they are donating should be used to build beautiful hospitals.”

“Let us build good school equipped with computers, AC, let us make it comfortable for the children, so that when they are leaving home, they are happy going to School.” She quickly add “and let us pay the teachers well.”

With respect to Police, Doctors and Nurses welfare and work environ, Iyabo said:

“We complain about the Police yes, they are corrupt, they are bad, but even Nigerian as whole are corrupt and bad. You go to police station, you want to sit down, but you are scared because the whole place is dirty.”

“The police station is worse, the prisons , oh my God! We are dirty as a nation. Build beautiful police station, equip and educate all our policemen, let them go through training upon training before earning that uniform, let the uniform matters and pay them well.”

“Have you been to the barracks, do you see the conditions in which they live? These people are not animals they are human being let us start all over again. Ban generator, so we can appreciate power how essential constant power supply is.”

She round off her session by saying,

” Let these time that we are home during all these covic-19, sorry i say covic, covic, emm, this time that we are home doing all these codic-19 thing, staying away, trying to fight colorialvirus.”

The fourty-two year old movie director has featured in over one hundred and fifty films, and has shot more than fourteen of her own. Of the movie, Ojo has featured include: Divorce not allowed, Gone to America, Silence and a host of others.

Alice Iyabo Ojo is also a City People Awards winner, she bagged personality of the year award in the Yoruba genre of Nollywood.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e8MK1Lr89S8]

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