Kaffy – I am unapologetic about social media

Popular dancer, Kafayat Shafau, popularly knwon as Kaffy, tasted the bitter side of fame recently.

She had taken to her social media page to announce that she wanted to sell her Highlander SUV and sometime later, she revealed that she had sold the vehicle. When she revealed that she had sold the vehicle, a fan had commented that she should then use the money to fund her forthcoming book launch.

Some other followers also implied that Kaffy sold her vehicle because she was facing some financial difficulties.

However, in a chat, CityBuzz understand that the ‘dance queen’ stated that she was unfazed by such comments.

She said, “It is not about insults getting to me. If anybody insults me, I can insult the person too.

I can decide when to reply. When you communicate with people in a derogatory manner, don’t expect that they would take it easy. I am not the one angry; I am just having fun.”

The mother of two also maintained that she didn’t owe anybody any explanation for selling her vehicle. She added, “I don’t owe anybody any explanation. I can decide to sell a house; why is selling my car a problem? I don’t care. I am unapologetic about social media.”

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