Kunle Adeyanju – I Had Close Shave With Death 4-Times During My Journey From London To Lagos On A Bike

The Nigerian who rode a motorcycle from London to Nigeria, Kunle Adeyanju says he had a close shave with death, at least, four times before arriving in Nigeria.

He disclosed this while speaking with newsmen in Ilorin when he was hosted to a heroic welcome in Kwara state.

Mr. Adeyanju rode on a power bike from London to Lagos, covering 12,000 kilometers. The ride spanned 13 countries and 42 major cities.

He spent 41 days from London to Lagos simply because of charity work, most importantly, polio eradication.

Mr. Adeyanju is fulfilled that he’s able to achieve this feat but the journey was not a tea party.

According to him, he came face to face with death, on at least, four different occasions.

The reception is organized by the Rotary club in Kwara state and members are proud of his feat, especially the polio eradication campaign.

An elevated Adeyanju is equally appealing to blessed individuals to touch people’s lives in positive ways.

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