Lagos traffic congestion – Government expand water transportation

Lagos state traffic challenge has been an endemic situation for decades. In its bid to ease the road traffic congestion, the state government introduced water ways transportation.

The state government is partnering with private sector, local and international ferry builders to acquire more ferries to cover all strategic corridors, and fourty waterways routes in the state. This, the state government intend to achieve before the end of 2020.

Sharing the news via the state official social media, the routes currently covered, the schedule and applicable fares were highlighted for interested for ferry users.

CityNews understands that Lagosians are reacting to this news, as many twitter users while applauding the project, faults the state government over Okada and Keke ban.

The state government in another tweet has promised to increase the numbers of Lagbus in circulation.

Here are some images announcing the routes, schedule and Lagferry fare:




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