Lock Down: Tonto Dikeh Pledges 7-Days Food Supply For Disable Community

Following Nigeria’s government imposition of curfew in three states to contain convid-19, Tonto Dikeh has reached out to less privileged in Karon-Magiji community.

The philanthropist through her foundation, supplied various items which include: Food, Hand Sanitizer, Face masks and gloves to the disable withing the community.

Recently appointed “Save Nigeria Project” ambassador, Charity also pledged continuous supply of food items to the disadvantaged, every other day, throughout the lock down period.

Lock Down: Tonto Dikeh Pledges 7-Days Food Supply For Disable Community

Tonto Dikeh share the news via her social media handle with images and videos of she, and her team at the Karimajiji community. She also urged others who are capable to reach out to the less privileged.

She captioned one of her posts thus:

“In the fight against Covid-19, we should remember disabled people struggling with decrepitude. They tussle through their everyday lives, how much more in this pandemic season.

Tonto Dikeh Pledges T-DAYS fOOD Supply

In this regard, The Tonto Dikeh Foundation visited the Karon-Magiji community (Disabled Colony) and has committed to the responsibility of providing food, and safety accessories to fight the spread of covid-19 for the community.

This mission was launched with a visit to the community today where 600 plates of food were shared; 1500 sanitizers, hand gloves, and face masks were also shared. There was an expository sensitization to the community on Covid-19 — symptoms and preventive measures.

The founder of The Tonto Dikeh Foundation also pledged to visit the community every two days through out this period of total shutdown.
Throughout this perilous shutdown, the Tonto Dikeh Foundation will provide the people of karimajiji with 600 plates of food every two days; Until the quarantine is over.

The Emir of the community was overwhelmed with joy, and appreciated the sacrificial humanitarian effort shown by The Tonto Dikeh Foundation to the disabled community.

The goal is to look out for the displaced, disadvantaged, and needy people, because they deserve love. And in such a time as this, we need to make them feel the presence of love and family.

Tonto Dikeh

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