Lola Margaret – Actresses Beef Themselves Because Of Envy

Actress, Lola Margaret, has said that actresses beef themselves because of envy and greediness.

Speaking in an interview, Lola, while admitting that actresses beef themselves asserted that it is not an issue that is peculiar to actresses only, but cut across all sectors.

She said, “The problem exists everywhere. The fact that one is doing better than one’s peers is definitely a problem for some people, and one will be surprised at how many people do not like their co-workers or partners doing better than them. It requires the grace of God to be content and not be envious of one’s counterparts.”

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Lola also said that flaunting marriages and relationships on social media exposes one to danger.

In her words, “While I do not subscribe to this theory (flaunting marriages and relationships on social media), there are many haters out there who don’t wish one well. So, if one is too happy and wishes to share it with the world, one may be exposing oneself to serious danger.

“Having said that, I believe it is best to do things in moderation. It is advisable to minimize how one posts about one’s family or a loved one.”


On the notion that there are cliques in the movie industry, Margaret said, “Apparently, there were cliques in the past but that’s not the case anymore. People are afraid to get close to one another due to a lack of trust and backbiting.

“We (actors) are good people. Every profession has its own controversies. However, people are too judgmental when it comes to actors. Because we are in the limelight, they tend to believe the worst about us, and no matter how much one tries to explain, they go with the narrative that suits them.


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