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New Prices For UK Visa For Students And Visitors


New Prices For UK Visa For Students And Visitors

The price of a visit visa to the United Kingdom for less than six months has been revealed. 983">

The visa will now cost £115 which is about ₦111,878.28 as opposed to the initial £15 14,592.70.

This would be effective October 4, according to the UK Home Office.

This translates to about a 667 percent increment.

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Student visa fee has also seen an upward review and is now £490 (N476,677.59) from £127 (N123,537.58), representing a 286 percent increment.

The government said that the increment would enable it to pay for “vital services and allow more funding to be prioritized for public sector pay rises”.

The review will take effect on October 4.


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