Obesere – I Am The Paramount King Of Music

Nigerian Fuji artist, Abass Akande Obesere, aka Omorapala regain prominent almost two decades after he released ‘Egun Be careful.” Having his song trending almost two decades later made him believe, he is a king of music.

The Apple juice crooner in a chat with CityBuzz is delighted that his song, Egun Be careful is trending and he’s making more money on same song.

While responding to what collaborations fans should expect, Obesere said an we quote:

“I am the Paramount King of Music. ‘Egungun Be Careful’ is a song that re-blow me. I appreciate the Hip Hop people. In the olden days if you want to listen to Hip Hop you have to listen to the appropriate one.”

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Akande said, he wouldn’t like to flog Egun Be careful too much before he moves on to other songs.

“Aside from ‘Egungun Be Careful,’ we can still do something else. I wouldn’t want too much remix of the song. After this one with Zlatan, maybe we can do two more then close the chapter and move on to something else”, he added.

The kind of song that we sing is traditional music and there is no way it can fade. Hip Hop is just like a borrowed culture but we thank God that it is now in the hands of Nigerians, even American artistes are trying to feature Nigerian artistes.

When asked about people likening him to Naira Marley, he said these:

“I think it’s a plus for my brand as well. Some people have criticized my brand before but now I have a lot of followers in the Fuji way and Hip Hop way so I thank my star and that is why I also appreciate Naira Marley.”

“He was supposed to be on the ‘Egungun Be Careful’ remix with I and Zlatan but he was on his way to Dubai on the day we were recording. Obesere concluded.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QnMcn8ED1Qo]



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