Obesere Takes A Swipe At K1 Over Maiyegun Title And Fuji Artistes Leadership

Popular Fuji artiste, Abass Akande Obesere has drawn a line between the Chieftain title conferred on a fellow musician, Wasiu Ayinde, aka K1, and the Fuji artiste’s leadership. 4">

Obesere Takes A Swipe At K1's Over Maiyegun Title And Fuji Artiste Leadership

The Omorapala crooner while reacting to rumour about him chasing chieftain title after K1’s coronation as Maiyegun of Yorubaland, said that having a title does not confer on Kwam 1, the leadership of Fuji artistes. Obesere said and we quote:

“Having a title is different from being a leader. What he has is a title; just the same way I have the title of Agba Akin. I can say the same thing in his presence because I always stand behind what I say. I have respect for everyone and do not take anyone for granted. I am not a hypocrite nor a coward.”

Obesere Takes A Swipe At K1's Over Maiyegun Title And Fuji Artiste LeadershipThe Asakasa singer also said that he was honoured with a chieftain title before Wasiu Ayinde Marshal became Maiyegun. In Obesere’s words:

 “I was the first person to get the title of Agba Akin before K1 became the ‘Mayegun. And I didn’t beg for it. I was sent a letter by the Olubadan of Ibadanland stating that they wanted to give me a title, they officially wrote to me. I have the letter as evidence, and I only feel appreciated being honoured in my state and I cannot reject it. Then, they later said I couldn’t be given the title anymore and many people were already aware of it. I have been offered chieftaincy titles. I do not try to copy anyone. I am always myself.”

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