Kenny Blaq – When They Come For U, Fans Will Mock U

Popular Nigerian comedian, Kehinde Otolorin, also known as Kenny Blaq has voiced his opinion on why comedians don’t emphasize on topics that affect the populace at large.

Reacting to a random question from Citybuzz on why comedian don’t use their craft consciously to solve societal ills. Blaq said Comedians are responsible for what they say, and should government agencies come after them, the same fans hailing them, will mock them.

In Kenny Blaq’s words:

“One of the reason comedians don’t take sensitive topics is the fact that, sometimes people will tell you, you are a comedian, you should not say this, nor that. We are responsible for what we say, we are not responsible for how you understand it.” “You need to understand that there are jokes…, and in our own little way, we try as much as possible to pass our message.” “When you say consciously, for instance, if you have to talk about current event, people will just bash you and say” “oga” face your work. We are in country where people believe, comedians must stick to things that don’t make sense, but comedy has gone passed those days.” “I as a comedian, i can decide to talk about things that are affecting us in Nigeria, but the fact is, they will come for you, they will come for you, and the fans that are saying yeah, yeah, are the same people that will say God don catch am, God don catch am.”

Fans had echoed their opinions against comedians in comparison with the music industry, where many artistes address issues that affect societies, using their music and talents.

Watch kenny Blaq’s response below:


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