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Papa Show Suspended For Assaulting Female Colleague, Temidayo Morakinyo


Papa Show Suspended For Assaulting Female Colleague, Temidayo Morakinyo

Following the outcry of a Nollywood actress, Temidayo Morakinyo, that his male colleague, Shoneye Olamilekan better known as Papa Show allegedly assaulted her on a movie set, African Men Entertainment Kings (AFRIMEK) has suspended the actor.

In a post via her social media handle, Morakinyo had said the actor rudely asked her to buy him a drink, and although she complied, she felt humiliated by his “disrespectful” attitude.

The actress said she reported his behaviour to their bosses, but he allegedly returned on set to beat her up until her lips were broken.

She added that her family is seeking justice.

“I think one of them called him yesterday afternoon and he came to the set with some people to beat me up,” she said.

“He kept punching me in the face and raining curses on me, people were holding him but he refused to let go of me until he broke my lip with his fist.

“My family is asking for justice. Show Olamilekan beat me up because of Orijin drink. I be your maid?

“I did not say anything you oppressed fine. And u came back this afternoon to beat me up because I reported you to people that can stop you from repeating the same thing.

“Pls, what is my offense pls? I went to where you sent me I delivered without saying pim or giving attitude. Only for me to see u beating me because I reported to my boss and bro Niyi.”

Reacting to the allegation, AFRIMEK issued an apology to Morakinyo and suspended Papa Show.

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In a letter signed by Femi Adebayo, AFRIMEK president, the movie group distanced itself from the actor and described his action as shameful.

The letter from Afrimek reads: “Dear Temidayo, we received news of the mental, emotional, and physical assault meted out on you by a member of our club, Olamilekan Shoneye, popularly known as Show.

“His actions do not represent the identity that our club represents and [has] been known to project. He has been immediately sanctioned and placed on indefinite suspension, while further investigations by our disciplinary committee are ongoing to unravel the entire facts of the unfortunate incident.

“We would also like to extend our sincere apology to you. No one deserves such treatment. We will equally take up the medical charges to restore you to good health. Our gesture is to show how apologetic we are as a body.”


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