Actress Peju Johnson – Six Things That Can Make Me Quit A Relationship

Curvy Nigerian actress, Peju Johnson has revealed six things or attitudes that can make her exit a relationship.

The actress who was featured in a movie titled ‘Lekki Guys” in a chat with Nollygistv highlights six different attitudes that would cause her to quit.

Johnson said, “I can leave a relationship if my partner starts cheating with different girls, stops caring about me emotionally, physically, and mentally, or he begins to treat me differently from the way he used to do when we first met, and finally, if he starts manipulating me, telling lies, and talking to me anyhow.”

The voluptuous Nollywood actress, Peju Johnson, also opined that having more than one wife won’t prevent some men from cheating.

There are schools of thought who believed that men should be allowed to take more than one wife to curb infidelity, but Peju disagreed with such schools of thought by saying that some men, despite having more wives, would still keep girlfriends.

She said, “Infidelity is in the blood of some men, I am not sure polygamy can stop cheating because there are lots of men, who even after taking a second wife, still keep girlfriends.”

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Expressing an opinion on men who say they can’t get married to actresses because of their controversial nature, Johnson said, marrying an actress is a choice, adding that, the fact that some actresses have failed in their marriages doesn’t mean all other actresses would.

She said, “Because it does not work out for a few people does not mean it will not work out for others, in fact, It [marrying actresses] is a choice and I must add that there are many actors who are doing very well in their marriages.”

Peju went on to say that it is not all actresses that are controversial, and just as there exist the controversial ones there are decent actresses.

In her words, “Because some actresses are controversial does not mean that everyone in the movie industry is like that, we have decent actresses.”

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