Revealed: GoKada, Oride Pay ₦400 Daily Per Bike To NURTW

NURTW: Following the ban of commercial motorcycles on major roads in Lagos, more and more “illegitimate fees” are being unearth.

The owners of branded commercial motorcycles may have been paying fees and levies to officials, local and the state government in different forms, despite claims that they are not licensed to operate in Lagos.

Writing in favour of the commercial motorcycle companies and their employees, a twitter user, simply known as Dr Charles Omole, revealed that, these branded commercial motorcycles have been paying different kind of fees and levies which amount to ₦29,000 a year per motorcycle.

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Dr Charles said that one of the companies pay about ₦29K to LASG for each bike they have annually. From Levies, to LASAMA fee, to LG charges etc. In omole’s words:

“While this is not called “license fee”, one of d companies have about 2,000 bikes. That’s N58Million in total annually. This money is paid to diff agencies of LASG, LG levies etc. So it is not one lump sum but in bits. So what’s the point arguing about nomenclature of money paid.”

He goes further to explain that these branded commercial motorcycle companies have held several meetings with the Lagos State Government, and were assured of “stay in business”, the reason these companies agreed to the annual ₦29,000 per bike in all manners of fees and levies.

Dr Omole also asserted that with the intervention of the Lagos State Government, these branded motorcycle companies agreed to pay National Union of Road and Transport Workers (NURTW), a daily levy of ₦400 per bike.

Quoting Dr Charles: Last year, the NURTW & the other road union started harassing their drivers to pay levies to them. LASG intervened & brokered a solution that the Ride firms should pay the Road unions N400 per day per Motorcycle. They started making the payments and the unions left them alone.”

Dr Omole concluded by suggesting that the government should engage with these firms to find a solution that will not tarnish Lagos to Foreign Investors who will be concerned about security of any future investment due to regulatory uncertainty. “We need to maintain Lagos as shinning light for a new Nigeria.” He added.

Gokada, Oride Pay fees to NURTW


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