Sandra Bremaud, Urges Nigerian Government To Grant Filmmakers Access To Finance

Driven by an unyielding passion to tell the Nigerian-African stories through motion pictures, moviemaker, Sandra Bremaud, has said creating blockbuster movies is not all about getting a great story.

She stated that getting the right people in terms of cast and crew, among other factors is crucial in producing blockbuster movies, adding that government intervention was also needed to create an enabling environment for conducting the business.

Bremaud said, “As a moviemaker, asides from the not so enabling environment, high cost of things and financing projects, getting the right set of people to work with is a major challenge as it’s not enough for you to have a great story but getting people to birth the story in terms of cast and crew; human resource generally.

“That was a major challenge starting out but with time, my team and I were able to get a hand around it. My driving force is my passion to tell the Nigerian-African story in the best possible way and to show it to the world. Nobody can tell our story better than us, we deserve to be seen in the best light. This I believe would further put my name in the sand of time.”

The moviemaker, popularly known for producing hit movies including ‘Love Bane,’ and ‘April Showers,’ urged the government to give filmmakers access to finance for their projects.

She said, “Talking about government intervention, creating a more enabling environment would be a good way to start as getting preferred locations can be tasking sometimes, and when you get some locations, some touts want to take advantage to extort you, otherwise, they will disrupt your set.

“Giving filmmakers more access to finance is also something the government can do to assist filmmakers. Also, our partnership with Amazon Prime, which was brokered by my distribution company, Blue Pictures, has made me see that we are not doing anything short of perfect and we would keep improving and setting more standards to meet up what is obtainable internationally.”

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