Senator Elisha Shun AGN Members Outcry, Donates $1,000 To Guild

Ever since his ordeal at an adult toy shop in Abuja, Senator Elisha Abbo representing Adamawa central, has become a famous senator.

The Adamawa senator has also been in the news, for the past days over his appointment as a patron of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN).

Nollygistv reports that his appointment didn’t go down well with some of the guild members because of his previous deed against women.

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The issue spur face-off between the Association president and two other members who publicly reject the senator as a patron over their association.

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However, Abbo shun all of that, and donated a thousand dollars, which is approximately an equivalent of three hundred and seventy thousand naira to the actors guild.

Actors Guild Of Nigeria Calls For Reconciliation - Monalisa ChindaThe donation came after. the guild PRO, Monalisa Chinda Coker announced a reconciliation meeting.

The reconciliation meeting was called to quell the rift over Abbo’s appointment and welfare of members.

CityBuzz recall that Kate Henshaw had slammed the Guild president, Emeka Rollas on distancing himself from members who are in need. Hilda Dokuba began the movement, and detest the appointment by all expressions.

With Hilda Dokubo and Kate Henshaw vehemently detest Abbo’s appointment, will the Senator’s benevolence towards the guild guarantee him a place among the AGN Patron?


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