Sola Sobowale – Women Don’t Need To Be King To Rule

King of boys star actress, Sola Sobowale has encouraged women to make their homes a priority, and by doing so, they are taking control of their homes.

Speaking with rubbing minds, the 57-year-old renowned actor touched on a number of issues which include: the emerging feminism and the role of women in homes.

Sobowale lashed at women who failed to teach their children indigenous languages. She cited example of children who dressed up and left home purportedly going to school, but never get to school. She advised parents to constantly check their wards note book as a measure to monitor their attendance in school.

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The screenwriter wants women to stand their grounds and make their home front a priority. She believes women are now empowered to even do better than men would do. In Sobowale’s words:

“So women, we need to sit up, we need to make our home front beautiful first, we need to do that, to make it our priority. We don’t have to be king, at the same time we can still rule.”

“It’s in the Bible I am a christian, Adam and Eve, God created Eve to support the male.” So, I believe that what men can do, women can also do.”

“Don’t say women’s office is in the kitchen, we put hands together and make a better place for us to live. I will assist my husband, i will assist any male that i see doing well. But do not shut us down because you ‘ve got the brain.” “And there are so many things now that women do which men cannot even do.”

“Though, i m a typical African woman but don’t take away the power from me. It is a very powerful world and without women, there’s no world, there’s no life.” Sola added.

Sobowale Sobowale emerged Best African actress in the 2019 African Movie Academic Awards for her role in the “King of Boys”.


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