Banky W Places Ganduje And Sanusi Side-By-Side

Nollywood actor, and Nigerian singer, OluBankole Wellignton, professionally known as Banky W has made a cogent comparison between the two main characters involved in the Kano Emir dethronement saga.

Speaking during a session organised to sensitize the public on the social media bill before the senate, the made for you singer painted two scenarios involving two different personalities, whom are in position of power in the same state but with different philosophies. Banky W Showers Accolade On Federal Government The “Wedding Party” protagonist in his concluding remarks, highlighted events which involve these two big wigs in the northern part of Nigeria (one with political power and the other with traditional power).

CityBuzz recall that the Kano state governor, Abdullahi Ganduje was allegedly caught on camera for collecting bribes on several occasions, but still retains power despite outcry by many Nigerians.

Banky therefore cited the same case of bribery allegations against Ganduje, while also mentioning how the dethroned, immediate past emir of Kano, Muhammed Sanusi was persistently hammering on the issues of lack of education, gender equality, poverty, corruption in government, and backwardness of the North with respect to development.

Having cited the events involving the two characters, the “Up North” actor asked the audience “who looses his job/post?” Then drives home his point thus: “.. but this is the country we have created by sitting down and doing nothing.” “I pray, i pray, that those days are gone.” [youtube]


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