Boobs grabbing, a new property identification method – Anita Joseph

Nollywood Actress Anita Joseph’s Fiance Squeezes Her Boobs, saying ‘it’s the new property identification method.”

Nollygistv recall that Nigerian pop singer, Davido days back grabbed his fiance, Chioma’s breast during, the singer’s brother wedding in Dubai.

The image shared online was captioned with “Its mine, haters, fuck off”.

Nollygistv can report that that, the idea of grabbing ones female partner’s breast may begin to trend as, actress Anita Joseph and her fiance MC Fish have joined in the new style started by Davido.

The couple sighted cruising on a highway whilst they romance themselves.

In the video obtained by Nollygistv, Anita’s fiance MC Fish is seen squeezing the actress’ boobs whilst saying it the new ‘property identification method’.

Watch video below:


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