Canada Set To Withdraw Meghan And Prince Harry’s Security Details

The Canadian government has confirmed it would soon stop providing security for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, (Prince Harry’s and Meghan).

Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) have been providing assistance to the couple since their arrival in Canada “intermittently since November 2019”.

Meghan and Prince Harry will formally step down as senior royals from 31 March.

They will no longer carry out duties on behalf of the Queen but arrangements will be reviewed after 12 months.

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RCMP has been providing security to the couple at the request of the Metropolitan Police.

Speaking in respect of the Canadian government’s decision, Canada’s federal Public Safety Minister Bill Blair said on Thursday and we quote:

“The Duke and Duchess of Sussex choosing to re-locate to Canada on a part-time basis presented our government with a unique and unprecedented set of circumstances.”

“The RCMP has been engaged with officials in the UK from the very beginning regarding security considerations. As the duke and duchess are currently recognised as Internationally Protected Persons, Canada has an obligation to provide security assistance on an as needed basis.”

“The assistance will cease in the coming weeks, in keeping with their change in status,” according to the statement from public safety.

The Canadian government’s confirmation was first reported by CBC News.



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