Donald Trump Mocks And Places Travel Restrictions On European Countries

Donald Trump has berated the EU countries for not restricting travel from China. The US president while shutting all travel from Europe, blame the spreading of covid-19 on the failure of European countries to restrict travel from China.

The president excempt the United Kingdom from the travel ban while reversing himself by urging sick people to “stay home”.

Mr Trump laid out a strategy to put in place measures intended to stave off a widespread outbreak while also providing new guardrails to prevent a complete economic crash.

Describing the disease as a “foreign virus”, he took a jab at China, where it originated on a day when his national security adviser accused Beijing of covering up it being unleashed there.

He reversed himself on one of his most controversial statements since the outbreak became serious a few weeks ago when he several times said ill workers should clock in despite his own public health officials urging them to stay at home.

Mr Trump’s strategy is now to contain the spread of the virus, as he essentially described a plan to keep people spread out so infected individuals do not pass it on; he pleaded with Americans to avoid large crowds and suggested large events be cancelled.

“If we are vigilant and we can reduce the chance of infection [and] impede the transmission of the virus,” Mr Trump said. “The virus will not have a chance against us.”

“The way it was and the way it will be. It only matters how you respond,” he said, declaring his administration took “early, intense action” and almost boasting the United States has “fewer cases than in Europe.”

“The EU failed to take the same precautions,” he said, lauding his own decision to ban all travel from China.


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