Ini Edo Reveals – I Had No Lines For My First Two Movie Roles 

Award-winning Nigerian actress, Ini Edo, has revealed that one of her first two movie roles as a new entrant into the Nigerian movie industry was without lines but as a background noise maker.

Ini Edo who spoke with Nollygistv said, her first three roles in Nollywood weren’t demanding as one of such roles only requires her to join other young students as background noise makers.

In her words, “I remember it like it was yesterday because those are the few moments you just always reflect back on. It was a movie set in Abia state, in Aba precisely, that film was titled, Cassandra. I was a Nurse, there was Eucharia Anunobi, Ada Ameh and quite a number of actors.

I auditioned for three roles in three different films and I secured the roles in the three films.

They were really small roles, but I was overwhelmed with the environment, the stars that I saw, all the celebrities that I didn’t even think would be possible to see them in real life, and here was I with them and I was just looking at them, and they are like, “Oh! Who is this cute little girl? It was very overwhelming, yeah, that was the beginning of my journey.

Asked, if she was apprehensive by the presence of the stars she met on set, Ini Edo told Nollygistv that she wasn’t in any way frightened. She said, “To be honest, I wasn’t intimidated by anyone. I did feel an overwhelming sense because these are the people, I’ve watched all my life growing up, on-screen, and here was I here face-to-face with them. It was all really nice. I remember aunt Eucharia was really nice to me.

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The fourty-year-old whilst reflecting on her first movie role asserted that all she had to do was just to act as a nurse but had nothing to say other than shake her head.

She said, “As for my first role, I didn’t have to say anything really, I was just looking with so much pity for her [the sick character, Eucharia Anunobi], she was covered in make-up, she has like moles on her body, she was on a hospital bed, and I was just standing shaking my heads in compassion for her. That was the first action I ever did in front of a camera.”

Speaking about her other entrant’s roles, the mother of one said, “The other role was in a movie called “Child of Destiny”.

“We were like in a brothel, sort of, where Ada Ameh and Alex were all like the big girls in the house, and I was just one of the girls always running around, Oh, they are fighting there, we are going.

“We didn’t have any lines, it was just fun, just been in the mix, chanting ‘hey, you will see us, and we will kill you.

“Everybody was struggling to say something to be heard in the background, not sure they heard what we are saying by the way, but we were just like the background noise makers.

“It was really fun because there were so many young people there. There was this long strike, I was in the university, I just started a diploma in theatre art, there were a lot of girls from my school, a lot of girls from Uniport, so it was a mixture of a whole lot of young hungry artists who just wanted an opportunity to do something.”

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