“I ‘ve made wrong decisions” – Mercy Johnson

Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson has revealed that some of her past choices were wrong, snd she wouldn’t want to repeat again.

Nollygistv understand from a recent interview granted by “The Legend Of Inikpi” producer, that she has come of age and has to be cautious of her choices.

In her words: “My sense of maturing and judgment is better now and I now know better; the errors I have made in the past are things that I would not do now, some of the choices I have made in the past are things I would not do now.”

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Mercy further reiterated the place of age and younger actress when asked if she would accept a romantic role in a movie. In Mrs. okojie’s words:

“Age is telling on me, I just calculated that if I had to do that, what will the younger girls do? When you go past a certain level, you try to go above that level to do better.

“You don’t need people to tell you what is right or wrong. For me, I just felt I have gone past that level, I am answerable to many people, my husband, my kids; my daughter’s getting older and she gets hold of my phone, she begins to google such.

“Kids are very inquisitive and I don’t want them to question me in anyway or have something in their mind. I don’t think I want to do that.

Watch video below:
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NI51VzOiywI]


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