Portable Backtracks As Sam Larry Denies Knowing One Million Boys

Sam Larry, the man mentioned in Portable’s rant about a Lagos cult group has denied knowing the controversial singer.

Portable had earlier claimed he founded the ‘Ajah Boys’ and ‘One Million Boys’ cult groups.

He listed Larry among those who witnessed his influence in the cult group.

“Open your ears and listen well, have you heard about Ajah boys, One Million boys? I’m the one who founded it, go and ask. Go and ask the likes of Sammy Larry,” the singer boasted in the Yoruba language.

Muyiwa Adejobi, Lagos police spokesman, subsequently revealed that the inspector general of police has ordered an investigation into the matter.

Reacting in a video on Instagram, Larry vented his annoyance at Portable while denying any connection to cultism.

The show promoter also cut ties with the ‘Zazoo Zeh’ crooner, adding that “I never want to see your calls again.”

“I don’t know who One Million Boys are. I only helped Portable. I’m only his benefactor. I’m a promoter,” he said.

“Where do I know you from? When did we meet? At what point did we have any joint dealing involving one million boys? I’ve not known Portable for more than a year, yet the unfortunate man is mentioning my name in his rants.

“I’m not the only person he mentioned but it’s only my name the public committed to heart. What’s the meaning of all that? Never mention my name in negative things! And I never want to see your calls again. I’ll block you even.

“The family members of my wife are all worried, calling me over the phone, and asking who one million boys are.”


Portable, the controversial singer, has made a U-turn on his initial claim that he founded the ‘Ajah Boys’ and ‘One Million Boys’ cult groups.

The ‘One Million Boys’ cult group was infamous for terrorizing residents in some parts of Lagos state years back.

Usman Alkali Baba, the inspector-general of police (IGP), had ordered Abiodun Alabi, the commissioner of police in Lagos, to probe the singer’s claim.

In the wake of the controversy trailing his claim, the ‘Zazoo Zeh’ crooner took to his Instagram page to clarify what he meant.

Portable claimed he was referring to his fans on Instagram when he meant he created ‘One Million Boys.’

“And what I meant by 1 million boys is meant 1 million followers. Abeg ooo, I don’t know who be One Million Boys ooo People are threatening my life ooo you should all look into this,” he wrote.

The singer also claimed that he never knew he would be campaigning for Gboyega Oyetola of the All Progressives Congress (APC) during the Osun governorship election.

Portable said he was originally told he was to perform at a show but later found out it was a campaign rally.

He added that he is a fan of both Oyetola and Ademola Adeleke of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

“This has come to an end that I have to voice out… please everyone I wana let you know that I didn’t meant to campaign for APC it was a show they told that am going to before I saw myself in APC office and as a man no need to worry I gats to do the job since it involved money,” he added.

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