Why I Can’t Date Multiple Girls – Rema Reveals His Relationship Goals

Nigeria singer, Divine Ikubor, known professionally as Rema, has revealed six reasons he won’t be dating multiple girls.
Rema while responding during an interview to a question on why there hasn’t being any news about the singer’s relationship

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The ‘Lady’ crooner responded that going into relationship is a hard thing, and could be very tough if such a relationship didn’t results in marriage.

Rema said and we quote:
“Because it’s deep, I m not ordinary, so it’s hard to get into a relationship, its a hard feeling to get off it, when everything ends. That’s why whatever relationship i get into, i will like it to last, long and able to get married or something.”

The American love singer further explained that he’s not ordinary and won’t share so many facts about himself with more than one girl, he could trust.

In Rema’s words”
“I m not all about wasting my energy on multiple girls, I don’t want girls to know.., because me personally, my inside is deep, and is hard to start explaining to the first girl , the second girl, the third girl, and fourth girl. There;s so much about me that i can’t talk to multiple girls about, just one that i ‘m satisfied with.”

CityBuzz highlights six facts Rema wouldn’t date multiple girls as below:

1. I ‘m not ordinary
2. Don’t want to waste my energy on girls
3. So much about me that i can’t talk to multiple girls
4 . Its a hard feeling to get of it, when everything ends
5. I want whatever relationship i get into to last and result in marriage
6. My Inside is so deep that i can’t be explaining to multiple girls but one

Rema, a Nigerian singer and rapper is signed to Jonzing World in 2019. He rose to prominence with the release of the song “Iron Man”, which appeared on Barack Obama’s 2019 summer Playlist.

See Video Below:
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UcMwPjBVq6w]



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