Why I Forgive Ajimobi After I Caught Him Cheating – Ex-Oyo State 1st Lady

Florence Ajimobi, wife of the former Oyo state governor, says she caught her husband cheating on two occasions but forgave him for it.

The former first lady brought this revelation to light during an Instagram Live discussion with Bisola, her daughter, while sharing details about the ups and downs in her marriage to the former governor.

Florence described Ajimobi as her “leftover” who will always come back, adding that men are simply having sex when they cheat on their wives rather than making love as widely believed.

“Even on one or two occasions that I’ve caught him cheating, he would apologize. Once he does that, it ends. I never go back to them again. I never ever discussed it,” she said.

“To err is human but to forgive is divine. Even as a wife, sometimes I fall below his expectations. Sometimes, we do things that are even worse than cheating.

“I know some women that build houses without their husbands knowing. It’s as bad. Some keep dirty secrets from their husbands. Sometimes, when I do something, I can’t face my husband.

“I send him messages because I don’t want to see the hurt on his face. I send him a text and then he replies to me that it’s okay and that we can talk about the issue.”

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She also dared ladies who think themselves cute enough to give her husband a try, bragging that he’ll only use and abandon them as she has “eaten a better part” of the ex-governor, as his wife.

“But I think when most men cheat, they just have sex with a woman. When a man Is having a relationship with a woman he loves, he’s making love not having sex,” Florence added.

“So if you cute enough, give yourself to my husband, he’s mine. He’ll use you and come back to me. He’s my leftover, I’ve eaten the better part of him.”

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