Why FCMB Is Inspired To Sponsor School Girl Who Uses ATM To Study

It was night and dark, along Yaba Road in Ondo City. The only means of light available due to power outage in the city was a nearby Automated Teller Machine (ATM) belonging to FCMB, a commercial bank in Nigeria. 31">

Lack of power outage isn’t new in Nigeria, but what is interesting about this article is a young girl, found working out her school homework with light provided by an ATM.

The young girl simply identified as Dele was captured working on her homework with the illumination provided by the Automated Teller Machine. Her zeal not to be deter by lack of power supply generated reactions from the public and the commercial bank, FCMB.
The story of Dele came to limelight when a twitter user known as Bada Maruf Mathew tweeted :

“I saw this little Dele at FCMB Bank along Yaba Road in Ondo City. She is using the ATM Gallery light to do her homework. My respect goes to her determination to make it in life. Let it go viral.

I am the Education Secretary of Ondo West Local Government. I picked interest in the little girl because of my love in education.”

Reacting to Mathew’s tweet, FCMB declared its intention to support Dele. It also called on members of the public to help find Dele.

“We are inspired by Dele’s determination to study. It’s great our ATM Gallery could light her books for the evening, but we would love to do more to support (her). Can you please help us find Dele? Please RT (retweet) until it gets to someone who knows her,” FCMB tweeted.


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