Wilder vs Fury II: Tyson Fury Defends Deontay Wilder Boxing Skills

Tyson Fury also leaped to the defence of Wilder after his style and boxing skills came into question.

According to Fury, “Deontay Wilder is obviously a great boxer.”  “He’s 4 2-0-1 and the man is unbeaten in 43 professional contests.

Tyson added:

“I’m not sure who they’re comparing him to with boxing skills, Sugar Ray Robinson or [Floyd] Mayweather? Not good compared to who?

“Even on his worst night, he still managed to win fights and knock opponents out. He’s doing something right.”

Tyson Fury insists there is “no pain” when it comes to absorbing Deontay Wilder’s punches because you end up “waking up on the floor”.

Fury is preparing for his rematch against the WBC world heavyweight champion on 22 February and has switched trainers from Ben Davison to Sugar Hill Steward.

Despite surviving two knockdowns in the first fight at the end of 2018, Fury felt aggrieved at not being given the decision as the judges returned their cards to confirm a controversial draw.

“People will often say to me, ‘What’s it like to be punched in the face by Deontay?’ and it’s really no different than being punched in the face by anyone else,” Fury said.

“The thing is, when he hits you with a proper shot, you don’t feel anything. You just wake up on the floor. So yeah, there’s no pain.”

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tp4Nu6MKbb8]


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